8 fitness Instagrammers to follow for inspiration

Image result for 8 fitness Instagrammers to follow for inspirationInspiration! What is it? Where can you find it? What does it mean to you?

Many of us follow certain people specifically for inspiration. I have been doing it for years, and I’ll continue to seek out others who motivate me.

That is one of the great thing about today’s world — we have no shortage of inspirational people that we can gain access to simply by giving them a follow on social media. My favorite social media outlet just happens to be Instagram. If you’re looking for some new motivation or quite simply some really extraordinary people to follow, here is a list of my six favorite fitness Instagrammers.

1. The Rock (@therock)

I’ve never met the Rock but would love to hit the gym with him some day. The only problem is his 4 a.m. wake-up call. As the most popular actor in the world, this guy has to get up before dawn if he wants to make it happen. His schedule is hectic, but his dedication is unwavering. He never misses his gym time, and he knows how to grind. His positive attitude is contagious. He really is on another level.

2. Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman)

Talk about working the room! Aly has been my favorite gymnastics star to follow over the past several years. She is a three-time Olympic gold medalist and has blossomed into a gem of a woman. She is sweet and positive, not to mention an amazingly well put-together athlete. After working with a gymnastics coach over the past few years, I can’t imagine the hours of training she had to go through to get to that level. Her years of training really paid off for her. Did I mention she’s a rock star?

3. Jordan Burroughs (@alliseeisgold)

One of the fiercest competitors on the planet, Jordan is an Olympic gold medalist and three-time world champion wrestler. The guy knows how to get the job done. Jordan, who wrestled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is a true student of his sport and never takes his time for granted. Especially his training time. His goals are as big and lofty as they come. Despite his unwavering confidence, he is down to earth and humble. Just the way a champion should be!

4. Coco Ho (@xococoho)

Talk about an absolute babe! Coco is professional surfer who lives and trains in Hawaii. Needless to say I’m jealous of both her lifestyle and her tan. She hits the water often and is always super adventurous. She truly embodies the Aloha spirit, and I just adore her. I started following her after attending the Surfer Poll Awards a few years back. She is such a positive and hard working soul.

5. Kerrie Walsh Jennings (@kerrileewalsh)

Every volleyball player, whether you play court, mud, or sand, knows who Kerri Walsh is. Dubbed the “greatest beach volleyball teammate of all time,” this three-time Olympic gold medalist and mother of three is still pounding away, blocking her way and serving up aces at age 38. She maintains her athleticism by hitting the gym often. What an inspiring mama!