Google’s Head of Android Platform security leaves Android to focus on Fuchsia

oogle is working on a new capability-based OS called Android Fuschia, no secret there. The news came out in year 2016 with speculations that it could replace Android in future. There have been quite a lot sneak peeks of this OS but this time it is the people behind this OS that have come in news. XDA developers report states that Google’s baby project Android Fuschia will now also see the participation of Nick Kralevich- a former head of Google’s Android security platform.

Nick has worked with Android for nearly 9 years and has now announced his will to join Fuschia. “After 9 amazing years with Android, it’s time to try something new. I’ve moved over to Fuchsia where I’ll be helping define security for a new, experimental operating system” Nick wrote on Android open source project page.

Nick will be replaced by Rene Mayrhofer on the Android platform security. Fuschia OS is built on a new Google built kernel called ‘Magenta’ instead of Linux. In a leak that appeared last year, we saw the UI and features of the Fuschia. According to the image, the new OS is expected to sport a neat and structured UI with a card-based design. Fuschia’s UI is written with Flutter- a cross-platform software development kit also used to write apps for iOS and Android. Fuschia’s entire UI and app is designed using Fuschia.

Fuschia offers two kinds of layouts- one that is mobile-centric called Armadillo and second for desktops codenamed Capybara. Fuschia uses Escher -a web-based tool that offers a depth of view to your UI. In Fuschia, you will find your apps, pop-up box and other elements appearing in clean layers giving you depth of view.

Google is developing Fuschia but what does it plan to do with it is still a mystery. We can expect Google to announce the OS formally at its next I/O developer fest.

There is some speculation that with the Fuschia, Google is hoping to merge desktop and mobile under one operating system and that it may also help the company deal with the performance issues that Android suffers.