Many Options in Rummy Tournaments on Khelplay Rummy App

Anyone who enjoys rummy card game also enjoys being challenged in their skills. This is what makes the rummy online tournaments so interesting for the players. The Khelplay Rummy app has many diverse rummy tournaments online. These are designed to challenge the rummy gaming skills of the players. The rewards for these rummy tournaments also differ. Some of them have money rewards while others may have gold coins or gadgets as rewards. Try your luck with online rummy tournaments and make money online.

Rummy Tournaments That You Can Play for Free

You may enjoy participating in rummy tournaments but hesitant to spend money. This is the reason why Khelplay Rummy often organises free rummy tournaments for its participants. Here are some of the rummy online tournaments that you can enjoy for free:

Don’t Pay Just Play Tournament

If you have registered to Khelplay Rummy app and have not deposited your money yet, this is a perfect rummy tournament for you. The rummy tournament is a free tournament that takes place daily at 8:35am, 10:05am, 2:35pm, 4:35pm, 6:35pm, 8:05pm and 10:05pm. There are 20 winners for Don’t Pay, Just Play rummy tournament. The number of participants is 1000 for the 8:35am and 2:35pm rummy tournaments while it is 750 for all the remaining tournaments taking place in the day. The prize amount is Rs. 1040/-.This is a 1-level time-based rummy tournament designed for newbies on the Khelplay Rummy app.

Daily Freeroll Tournament

The Daily Freeroll rummy tournament takes place every day at 3:35pm. This is a free rummy tournament designed for all cash rummy gamers on the Khelplay Rummy app. There can be upto 1500 participants in each of these tournaments. The prize amount for this rummy tournament is 5000 GTD. There can be upto 1000 winners in the daily freeroll rummy tournament. This is a 3-level rummy tournament where rebuy is allowed in the first two levels.

Night Freeroll Tournament

All the participants who have a nocturnal routine will enjoy participating in the Night Freeroll rummy tournaments. As the name of this rummy tournament suggests, the tournament is free for its participants. The rummy tournament is designed for Silver and Gold Club players on the Khelplay Rummy app. The rummy tournament takes place daily at 10:35pm. It requires a minimum of 100 players and can have a maximum of 1500 participants at a time. The total winners for the rummy tournament can be 1000 and the prize amount is 5000 GTD. It is a 3-level time-based rummy tournament where rebuy is permitted in the first two levels.

Homecoming Freeroll Tournament

The homecoming freeroll rummy tournament takes place every Friday at 8:05pm. The first homecoming freeroll tournament is open to all players. In the remaining weeks, select players will be chosen by Khelplay Rummy to join this unique tournament. You can win from the Rs.20000/- allocated as prize money for this tournament. Try your luck and participate in this special rummy tournament. The entries stop 5 minutes prior to the rummy tournament.

Rummy Tournaments That Cost You Money

If you are a good rummy player, you wouldn’t mind investing a few bucks to participate in exciting rummy tournaments. It is impossible to ignore the prospect of winning more money through your rummy gaming style=”font-weight: 400″> skills. There are several options in rummy cash tournaments open to players on Khelplay Rummy app. Here we have shared some of the popular ones.

Re. 1 Rummy Tournament

When you are only starting off as a cash player, it is best to start with least amount. This is the reason why Khelplay Rummy has come up with the Re. 1 Rummy Tournament. This is a rummy tournament designed for all the depositors and cash gamers on the Khelplay Rummy app. You can invest just Re.1 and be a part of this tournament. There can be maximum 750 participants in this rummy tournament that takes place at 11:05am every day. There can be upto 200 winners and the prize amount is withdrawable. This is a 2-level rummy tournament where rebuy is allowed in the first level of the tournament.

Cash 10 Rummy Tournament

This is a unique rummy tournament where you must invest Rs. 10 to enter. There can be maximum 28 participants and minimum 6 participants per rummy tournament. The total prize amount is Rs. 252 and there can be totally 4 winners per tournament. The 2-level rummy tournament offers two rebuy chances to the players in the first level. You can try your luck in these rummy tournaments 7 times in a day. 

Don’t waste time wondering whether or not to try your luck in online rummy style=”font-weight: 400″> tournaments. There couldn’t be a better way to pass time for a rummy player. Create your rummy gaming account on Khelplay Rummy app right now and have all the fun!