Microsoft is working on a trimmed down Windows “Lean”

“This stripped-down version of the OS is missing many of the basic features that Windows users have come to expect, such as wallpapers, drivers for CD drives, and apps such as RegEdit. At first glance, none of those apps are restricted so users could theoretically install them and use this as a normal version of Windows 10.”

I think Microsoft is moving faster towards CEO Satya Nadella’s “Cloud-First, Mobile First” vision. Limiting the amount of space that Windows 10 takes on your PC, might open the door to better and more experiences in the cloud, making it easier for users to have the best mobile experience on whatever device they use (i.e. Surface Phone).

Right now, Windows 10 takes up approximately 10GB of space on my PC, plus or minus Office 365. It’s not making a huge dent in the 256GB on my 2017 Surface Pro. I use a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, so I don’t have a problem with storage. However, space is precious in older phones, even with if you have microSD card support. Tthe idea of having Windows 10 accessible on any mobile device at-will is very enticing.