Overwatch: 5 Characters That Need Nerfs & 5 That Need Buffs

Overwatch: 5 Characters That Need Nerfs & 5 That Need Buffs

To help Blizzard make its online shooter Overwatch a more balanced experience, we name five characters that could use a buff, and five others that should be nerfed.

In the digital age of gaming, developers have the benefit of improving games long after they hit store shelves. For online multiplayer games, these improvements often come in the form of balancing updates that “nerf” (weaken) or “buff” (boost) characters or weapons in an attempt to make the game fairer for everyone playing. Like many other modern day shooters, the 2016 Game of the Year, Overwatch, has had its fair share of balancing updates since its launch last May.

Almost a year after Overwatch released to the masses, and Blizzard is still tweaking characters to balance the game. Sometimes these tweaks consist of simple stat changes, but other times Blizzard significantly reworks characters, giving them new abilities or taking away broken ones.

Despite the many updates that have already been released for the game, Blizzard is still trying to figure out how to make Overwatch as balanced as possible. While there are likely many other changes that could be made to achieve that goal, buffing and nerfing the following 10 characters could help Blizzard in its quest to balance Overwatch.

As it stands, Mercy’s healing and damage boosts seem to be at acceptable levels, but the problem is with her ultimate ability, Resurrect. In its current form, Resurrect has too small of a radius, meaning that if the team is even slightly spread out when they die, Mercy can only hope to resurrect one or two allies at best. Mercy’s ultimate can be a game-changer, so Blizzard shouldn’t buff it too much, but a slight increase in radius could make it much more useful in the thick of battle.


Blizzard itself realizes that Sombra needs a buff, and is already testing a couple of buffs that should be added to her in the coming weeks. One makes it so Sombra can hack enemies quicker and another reduces the charge time on her abilities, but we think it should be taken a step further. Even though Sombra is listed as an offense character, right now she doesn’t do enough damage to be used effectively in that role. Many players, outside of those that are exceptionally skilled when it comes to using her abilities, struggle with Sombra, and a slight damage increase could see her become more commonly used in Competitive play.


On consoles, Torbjorn is a well-balanced character, and can be devastating on Defend maps in the right hands. On PC, Torbjorn is another story entirely, with the character dying too quickly and his turrets easily destroyed by enemy players. When it comes to Torbjorn on PC, it would be nice to see him get a buff that increases his health or armor, as well as makes his turrets a bit sturdier.



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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 1 & 2 Review

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 1 & 2 Review

Episodes 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier improve upon the series’ existing formula, offering an emotionally trying story and a new coat of gameplay polish.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is Telltale Games’ third core series entry to its take on the long-running graphic novel. Gamers who have played any of the prior iterations of the franchise will find that A New Frontier is familiar territory, following the same general formula of decision-making and emotional upheaval, but with enough tweaks to make the game feel a bit fresher than prior entries.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier hands the reins to a brand new main character, Javier. Doing so was probably a risk, since players have become quite invested in the story of Lee and Clementine, dating back to the very first season of The Walking Dead. However, the hand-off is arguably a success, with Javier emerging as a likable guy who’s just trying to do right by his family in the walker apocalypse, while still retaining enough character flaws to be relatable.

Thankfully for series veterans, Clementine has a strong presence in the first two episodes of the game. Players are allowed to use their saves from season 1 and 2 in order to create a custom Clementine, or they can use a story generator to make decisions regarding her character development. As a result, Clementine is still the same girl players have come to know and love, although she’s become hardened from the events between the end of Season 2 and the start of A New Frontier. The Walking DeadA New Frontier fills in these gaps with frequent flashbacks, also uncovering the fate of baby AJ, and Kenny or Jane, depending on who Clementine was last traveling with.

During these flashbacks, players take control of Clementine, but for the remainder of the game, Javier is the sole playable character. It allows for a bit of nostalgia for series veterans, but also helps to provide balance to characters’ capabilities. In season 1 and 2, the main character was often tasked with performing an action while the remaining NPCs stood around being generally useless. Here, Clementine often feels like an extension of the main character, even though she’s generally not controlled by the player. She often engages in actions while Javier is busy with something else, moving the story along and making it feel less like everyone except for the main character is helpless and utterly relying on the main character to do everything.

The basic gameplay in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is nearly identical to the entries to the series that have come before it, but it’s been tweaked enough to feel more fluid and enjoyable. This is due in part to the fact that the game is primarily set four years after the beginning of the outbreak, so surviving characters are more skilled in survival and combat. As a result, combat is fluid, quick, and satisfying, although it does still essentially boil down to reactionary button mashing and point-and-click shooting segments.

In addition, the main character tends to spend less time slowly wandering around an area inspecting objects and talking with people to progress. While there are still plenty of opportunities to thoroughly examine and discuss everything should the player so choose, this process has been made less tedious. There’s less backtracking, and the areas players can explore are smaller and partitioned off so finishing a task takes less time.

Visually, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has received a bit of an upgrade since Season 2 and Michonne’s three part mini-series, probably due in part to using the new game engine it and Telltale’s Batman both use. Although the game still sticks to a cel-shaded style to emulate the appearance of the graphic novels, lighting and textures have more depth now, giving characters a more three-dimensional appearance. Characters facial expressions are a bit more subtle this time around, too, which is an improvement over the sometimes over-the-top reactions that were prevalent in Season 1 and Season 2.

In terms of story, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is just as harrowing as fans of the series have come to expect. Javier, his family, and Clementine are thrown into a series of events involving an antagonist group referring to itself as The New Frontier. Although the tension is palpable between characters prior to The New Frontier appearing on the scene, events quickly take a turn for the worse from their involvement, leading to some of the most shocking moments the game has to offer. Unfortunately, each episode clocks in at around an hour, leaving very little time to explore the motivations driving The New Frontier.

Overall, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is off to a solid start. Fans of the series will definitely have plenty to enjoy here – and emotionally suffer through – and players who found the game to be too clunky and slow previously may appreciate this entry more. While The Walking Dead: A New Frontier doesn’t radically change the gameplay formula Telltale Games has developed, it keeps what worked all along and fine-tunes it further to create a genuinely enjoyable – albeit brief – gaming experience.


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No Man’s Sky Was One of Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2016

No Man’s Sky Was One of Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2016

Steam reveals its best selling games of 2016, with No Man’s Sky reaching the highest tier and beating out many of the year’s other top titles, despite its challenges.

As we enter the New Year, it’s fun to look back and think about our favorite games of the past year, and reminisce on the entertainment and enjoyment that accompanied those games. It’s also useful to consider the games that were most disappointing, especially those that garnered massive hype, only to let players down in a big way.

Interestingly, games from both ends of the spectrum in terms of quality and reception can find massive financial success. This is perfectly displayed in Steam’s best selling games list of 2016. Over on Steam’s Top 100 Best Sellers of 2016, players will see some of the year’s biggest titles, including Rocket League, Tom Clancy’s The Division, No Man’s Sky, DOOM, and many others.

One game that stands out due to its placement on the list is No Man’s Sky. The space exploration title was one of the most highly-anticipated titles for years while gamers anxiously awaited the game’s release. Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky became one of the most disappointing games in recent history, sparking a massive rush for refund requests and leading the game to receive an “Overwhelmingly Negative” status on Steam.

Yet despite its failings, it seems No Man’s Sky is still a commercial success for developer Hello Games, at least according to Steam’s list of best sellers. That said, many gamers will look to No Man’s Sky as a clear example for an argument against pre-ordering video games. All the hype and excitement around the game helped drive incredible pre-order and first-day sales, which is likely how the game made the “Platinum” level of best sellers on Steam.

Once players got a chance to try the game and discover it was severely lacking many features that were touted for the space sim, sales plummeted, and haven’t recovered. So while No Man’s Skymade strong initial sales, its shortcomings will undoubtedly affect any future sales, as well as upcoming titles from Hello Games.

Interestingly, many of the year’s hottest titles don’t rank very high on Steam’s best sellers list. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare barely scraped its way into the Bronze class, despite its position as a top selling game in November and December. Watch Dogs 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Skyrim all made the Silver class, while DOOM and Stardew Valley both achieved Gold. Rocket League broke into the Platinum tier alongside No Man’s Sky.

The Division also reached the Platinum tier, despite its own challenges after launch. While the Ubisoft title experienced a boost toward the end of the year thanks to some much-needed updates and the release of a well-received expansion, it suffered months of player hemorrhaging over the summer, and currently sits at a “Mixed” position with player reviews on Steam.

It’ll be interesting to see how well this year’s lineup of games perform, especially 2017’s most highly-anticipated titles. Will players continue to pre-order, instead of wait to receive game reviews, or will they blindly move forward based on hype and marketing?



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Final Fantasy 15 Director Promises to ‘Give Back’ With DLC and Updates

Final Fantasy 15 Director Promises to ‘Give Back’ With DLC and Updates

Square Enix and Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata wish players a happy new year with a promise to give back for helping make the long awaited sequel a success.

After around 10 years of development, Final Fantasy 15 finally graced consoles this year and garnered some very positive reviews, despite criticism for its convoluted story. The plot will be getting some of its holes patched, which is a testament to director Hajime Tabata’s commitment to continue improving player experience.

Tabata-san doesn’t believe development on Final Fantasy 15 ends with its release, which is evident by its copious amounts of DLC releasing over the course of the next year and possibly beyond. This spirit of continued progress is reflected in a New Years post on the Square Enix official blog where Tabata-san thanked the Final Fantasy 15 community and promised to give back for their continued support.

In the post, a list of achievements for the game are listed. Among them are the release of the CG movie Kingsglaive, and the many efforts to translate the game for a wider audience; all of which took significant amounts of work, surely.

Tabata-san then proclaims 2017 a year, “of giving back to everyone for their kindness.” He suggests this be done by providing more enjoyable experiences and by continuing to release updates and DLC. Given that this has always been the development team’s intent, it’s not quite clear what Tabata-san intends to give to players that isn’t already planned and/or expected. It could be something along the lines of the recent “Holiday Pack” DLC that gave out a few freebies to players in light of the season.

Perhaps his statement was simply a reiteration of the Final Fantasy 15 team’s commitment to players and less of a tease of surprises to come. Fans of the game will just have to wait and see what the team has cooking up for them in the new year.

Until then, Final Fantasy 15 continues to sell well, making it onto Amazon’s best seller list over the holidays. Additionally, the game’s first DLC, which features musclehead Gladiolus, should be releasing in the near future and the recently added “new game plus” option will allow players to experience the game again in new ways.

Regardless of what Tabata-san is hinting at in his message, it is a nice gesture for players to be thanked personally by the game’s director. The crew who helped develop Final Fantasy 15 appear genuinely committed to making it better by adding gobs of new content and fixing some of the game’s more prominent issues. This in itself should be enough to keep players optimistic going into 2017.


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First Iron Banner of Destiny: Rise of Iron Begins Next Week

First Iron Banner of Destiny: Rise of Iron Begins Next Week

After a long break, Iron Banner returns to Destiny next Tuesday bringing new weapons and armor for players to earn as well as changes to the way the PvP event works.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is practically themed around Iron Banner. Its story focuses on the Iron Lords, its main quest giver is Lord Saladin, and the Rise of Iron record book rewards armor that will adorn players and equip them to become a new Iron Lord themselves. So, it’s no surprise that Iron Banner is returning for the first time since the launch of Destiny‘s new expansion, with some changes in store.

First off, Iron Banner officially commences on Tuesday, October 4th at 10 a.m. Pacific. For the first time, it will feature Rise of Iron’s new Crucible mode, Supremacy. For those who haven’t played it, it is basically Call of Duty‘s Kill Confirmed mode.

Bungie has also put some changes into how fans rank up in Iron Banner, with the hopes of making it more rewarding. Here is the full list of changes:

  • The Tempered mechanic is gone
  • There are now 4 Weekly Bounties
  • Bounty rewards include:
    • An Iron Banner item not featured on the Vendor
    • A chance at an Iron Banner Artifact or Vanity Item
    • 25 Legendary Marks
    • 750 Iron Banner Reputation
  • Victory in a match grants 250 Reputation
  • Iron Medallions grant 150 Reputation each, upon Victor

If Bungie’s design goes to plan, all these changes should allow players to hit rank 5 sooner, with a focus on completing the weekly bounties and continuing to play throughout the week for more post-match rewards.

As far as weapons go, brand new Iron Banner weapons will be up for grabs, adorned with that Viking, Knights of the Round Table theme. The Unbent Tree auto rifle is in the same family as the Doctrine of Passing—insanely high rate of fire and very low impact. The Proud Spire shotgun will also be in the loot pool, which is a pretty middle-of-the-pack shotgun, especially when compared to all the insanely good Matador 64s running around the Crucible. But with the right perk rolls, it could prove itself.


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New Skins and Accessories Available for Steam Hardware

New Skins and Accessories Available for Steam Hardware

Valve introduces new skins that will help its players customize their Steam Link and Steam controllers with various Valve properties’ logos and color schemes.

Valve has always been a bit of an oddity in the gaming world, going about its business with its customary flair and lack of concern over critics like it was the PC platform’s version of Nintendo. However, that willingness to embrace innovative, if sometimes bizarre, business models resulted in the birth of Steam, a program synonymous with PC gaming and the source of many a poor gamer‘s suddenly empty wallet.

It’s that popularity that has allowed Valve to launch its own pseudo-console in the Steam Linkdevice, an accessory that lets PC gamers play their Steam games on any television in their house, effectively turning their PC into a graphically-superior Xbox One or PS4. Valve has also released theSteam controller to more accurately simulate a console gaming environment, and now gamers who have either or both devices will also be able to show their true gaming colors. Valve introduced new skins today that will help players customize their Steam Link or Steam controllers, available in the Steam Store.

The skins, which are nearly all CS:GO themed, are available now and range from four different controller skins to three different Steam Link skins. Although a greater variety will likely be released if the initial skins sell well, there is at least a Portal skin for those Valve fans who aren’t part of the burgeoning CS:GO community.

Alongside the skins, Valve has also released a number of different Steam controller accessories. Gamers can pick up a wireless receiver, a custom battery door that also contains a storage spot for the wireless receiver, or a carrying case that fits the Steam controller, its wireless receiver, a wireless extender, and a few batteries. Given that many Valve games are multiplayer in nature and that LAN parties, although certainly not as prevalent, still happen now, the carrying case in particular could be a welcome addition to many traveling gamers’ arsenals.


Everything is available for 30% off to celebrate the new release, so interested gamers should make their decisions quickly to make sure they save some money. With a brand new Steam Store UI on the horizon and a Winter Sale looming, PC gamers will likely need some extra cash.



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Gears of War 4 Xbox One S Bundles Revealed

Gears of War 4 Xbox One S Bundles Revealed

Two new bundles for Gears of War 4 have been announced, including an exclusive deep blue console, allowing players to buy the title alongside the new Xbox One S.

For those who are looking to enjoy Gears of War 4 at its best, Microsoft have revealed two bundles for the Xbox One S to celebrate the new chapter of their acclaimed franchise’s release, that will be available to purchase beginning October 11.

The first bundle comes with a white Xbox One S and a digital download copy of Gears of War 4, along with a 1TB hard drive and the new Xbox wireless controller. Priced at $349, the bundle will allow players to upgrade from their old Xbox One consoles, due to the new Xbox One S’s better performance on certain titles. In the case of Gears, the game supports High Dynamic Range on the new console which, according to the Xbox blog post, will make a big difference visually.

“Fans will experience richer, more luminous colors and a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks, bringing out the true visual depth of the battle against the Swarm,” claims General Manager for Xbox, Matt Lapsen in the company’s bundle announcement.


The second package deal is a Gears of War 4 special edition bundle, coming with a limited edition deep blue console and matching controller. This bundle comes with a 500GB hard drive and is available exclusively at GameStop and Microsoft Stores in the US (and at EB Games and Microsoft Stores in Australia). The special edition bundle comes with a physical edition of Gears 4 in the US and a digital download in Australia.

It’s worth noting that physical copies of Gears of War 4 do not qualify for the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, meaning that players who want a disk copy will not be able to play the game on Windows 10 PCs, unlike those who opt for a download.

Also, for a limited time, when fans purchase either bundle, they will get the entire Xbox 360 Gears of War collection for Xbox One at no extra cost, meaning that players can revisit the original games for a quick trip down memory lane before jumping into the next generation of Gears.

These aren’t the only Gears of War-themed consoles that will be coming in the near future, with the2TB red console sporting the Crimson Omen symbol, set to launch 4 days before the game’s release date. A brand-new Gears 4-themed Elite controller has also been revealed by The Coalition, featuring a red design, blood splatters, and scratch mark decals. Gamers who purchase the special edition controller can also get themselves an exclusive in-game item and three Gear Packs.



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Here’s When the Next Titanfall 2 Beta Starts

Here’s When the Next Titanfall 2 Beta Starts

Respawn’s Lead Engineer Jon Shiring details the development team’s findings from Titanfall 2‘s recent weekend test, as well as what they will be testing in the upcoming beta.

This past weekend Respawn Entertainment ran the first of its two planned beta tests for Titanfall 2. Today, the developer put up a blog post, which details what they learned from the first test, as well as what we can expect from the second test, which runs this coming weekend.

In the blog post, Respawn admitted that the first beta test alerted them to “at least a dozen” issues, though it is likely that many of these issues were never noticed by players. Titanfall 2‘s lead engineer, Jon Shiring elaborated on what the team has done with the results of the initial test run.

“We are doing these two weekends of the Tech Test because we knew we would hit problems that we’d never seen before. While a massive number of people were hard at work getting wins this weekend, we were busy finding and fixing at least a dozen separate issues. Those are all problems that we won’t have to find and fix at launch. Many issues that we identified and fixed were things that users never noticed, which was one of our goals.”


Shiring went on to say that the beta version that was played this weekend was from a build of the game dating back from June, and that many of the reported issues have already been fixed in the subsequent builds. As much as players love the gameplay during a beta test, Shiring admitted that this latest beta was implemented to test the game’s new server and matchmaking systems as well as testing server security through simulated network attacks.

According to Shiring, the “matchmaker had a trial by fire this weekend,” while he and his team were “really happy with the results.” This is undoubtedly good news for Titanfall fans who were worried about a lengthy or non-functioning matchmaking system on the game’s release. Shiring has already previously spoken about how they plan to avoid server issues with Titanfall 2, and this blog post seems to reinforce that statement.


After detailing what they had learned from the initial beta test, Shiring ended by explaining what they’d be testing in the second beta, which runs this weekend. Regarding the matter, he said, “We’re going to do some fun things for weekend two of the Tech Test. With the learnings from weekend one, our next goal is to really spike the number of players playing online at the same time.”

So it seems if nothing else that Respawn is dedicated to delivering a game that actually works on the first day of the launch. This server stability, along with a single-player campaign, may actually give them an edge over competitors like Battlefield 1 which releases just three weeks afterTitanfall 2 and targets a very similar audience.



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No Man’s Sky Mod Lets Players Fly Through Caves, Underwater

No Man’s Sky Mod Lets Players Fly Through Caves, Underwater

The latest mod for No Man’s Sky lets players navigate their ships close to the planet’s surface, through caves, and even underwater, but it isn’t perfect.

When No Man’s Sky was first announced, gamers’ minds were racing with the thought of an 18 quintillion-planet galaxy that was ripe for exploration. However, once No Man’s Sky officially launched it became clear that the exploration would have some restrictions or limitations. Luckily, the PC version of the game has mod support, which allows players to bypass some of the limitations in No Man’s Sky and experience the game as they imagined.

One of those mods that helps make No Man’s Sky feel like a true exploration title is the low flight mod. As the name implies, the low flight mod allows players to get closer to the surface and even go through caves and underwater.

Without mods, No Man’s Sky players can only get so close to the surface of a planet before the game pushes them backwards. Moreover, if a player heads towards a planet or object at a high speed they will simply bounce off instead of crash. It’s a detail that doesn’t bother every player, but some feel it takes away from the realism. There are not many dangers in No Man’s Sky as it stands, so the fear of crashing could force players to be a little more cautious.

It’s important to mention, though, that this low flight mod does not make crashes possible. Instead the mod simply allows players to get close to the surface of a planet, but if they get too close their ship will only take some damage.

But be warned that getting too close to the surface or going through caves or underwater can lead to a ship taking devastating damage. This shouldn’t lead to anything game breaking – at worse players will have to recover theirresources from their ship’s grave – but it’s better to be aware.


That being said, it’s hard to see what this low flight mod would add to No Man’s Sky outside of the ability to explore caves and underwater areas. Since the ship can’t mine for resources there really isn’t any point in going to these areas outside of seeing what they look like. Flying lower to the ground might add to the realism, but it also has the potential of getting the player’s ship stuck.

To say that No Man’s Sky has been one of the more polarizing releases of this year would be to put it mildly. While some praise Hello Games for their procedurally generated universe, others feel they were misled by early marketing materials and quotes from the developers. Either way, the game has a ton of buzz surrounding it and the mod scene is only just getting started. Not to mention the developers have not added anything “new” to the game since launching No Man’s Sky a few weeks ago.


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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shows New Rune Abilities

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shows New Rune Abilities

In a new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay video tweeted out by Nintendo, it appears that Link will have access to a number of new rune-based abilities.

Ever since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild stole the show a few months ago at this year’s E3 conference, not much was heard about the game until the recently-concluded gamescom event. Unsurprisingly, the game’s managed to scoop up the Best of Gamescom 2016 award as well, no doubt due to the title’s new gameplay mechanics and a timely innovation of the franchise’s well-worn formula. And now thanks to a new tweet by Nintendo, we’re all now privy to some of Link’s new abilities in Breath of the Wild, some of which undoubtedly played a part in its impressive gamescom showing.

This new tweet from the Big N is a short gameplay video from Breath of the Wild, and it introduces a number of new abilities available to Link via runes. Using these runes, Link will be able to interact with the environment in a number of interesting ways, such as creating ice blocks in water and creating a makeshift path, and extracting hard-to-reach items and chests from the bottom of deep water bodies.

In addition to the various environmental-based interactions, Link’s new rune-based abilities also allow him to do a number of creative things with objects, such as creating and setting energy bombs, and even imbuing items with momentum and a trajectory so that they fly in a particular direction at deadly speeds when hit with a sword.

Despite Breath of the Wild‘s delay to 2017, it appears that Nintendo isn’t holding back in trying to make the best Zelda game possible. Given that the title will feature an open world and thus a greater amount of freedom available, not only does Link’s new rune abilities allow players new ways of interacting with the objects and environments, but it will also allow for greater creativity in solving the various puzzles and problems encountered in the game.

While Nintendo has stated that Breath of the Wild will need to sell 2 million units for it to be successful, based on the evidence of Link’s new rune abilities and some visually stunning in-game footage of environments and locations such as the Temple of Time, it appears that the game should have no problem reaching that sales target.


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