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SteamOS vs. Ubuntu vs. Windows 10: Which Is The Best Operating System For Gaming?

Several operating systems have been developed for a broad range of purposes, but, currently, there are only three best operating systems for

The Wikipedia Diversity Observatory: helping communities to bridge content gaps through interactive interfaces

Abstract In this paper, we present the Wikipedia Diversity Observatory, a project aimed to increase diversity within Wikipedia content. The project provides

Uncharted 4 Story ‘Changed 100%’ After New Directors Came On

Uncharted 4 director Neil Druckmann reveals that the story forUncharted 4: A Thief’s End changed 100% when he and co-director Bruce Straley

Latest Microsoft Windows 10 update offers good news for Apple and Android

Microsoft confirms it will no longer support Windows 10 Mobile (Image: MICROSOFT • APPLE • GOOGLE) Microsoft has finally admitted defeat and is ending all support

Introduction to Operating System – Download PDF Notes

An Operating System generally referred to as OS is software that exists as an interface between computer hardware components and the user.

Divi 2.7 introduces A/B testing for WordPress

If you’re a fan of WordPress, and you build sites professionally, you’ve almost certainly encountered Divi; Elegant Themes’ flagship theme and builder.


Suppose that the biblical story of Creation were true: God created the universe in six days, including all the laws of physics and

Tips for Buying RV Insurance

There’s no question that RVs can be a lot of fun. While this is true, you need to protect the investment you

Doge Pound Studios AMA January 8th, 2022

Doge Pound Studios (DPS) Rebranding What is Doge Pound Studios? End of 2021, we rebranded The Doge Pound NFTs to Doge Pound Studios to

GTA 5 changed gaming and you barely noticed

It’s a safe bet you’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto 5. Even people who can’t tell the difference between an Xbox and