PC Games Summer Sale Offers Big Price Cut on The Division & Thousands More

PC Games Summer Sale Offers Big Price Cut on The Division & Thousands More

The GMG Summer sale has come to an end. While those deals are over, you may be interested in a few new deals in the GamesPlanet PC Gaming Summer Sale. Full sale breakdown hereor below are our best picks in US Dollars.

If you enjoy window shopping, we’ve got a treat for you today. Earlier this morning we entered the “encore phase” of GMG’s 2016 Summer Sale. For the next 48 hours a little over a thousand of PC games were added to the discount menu. A breakdown of the sale in terms of top editor’s pick can also be found here. You’ll also find a similar, more succinct list below.

Perhaps the best deal in the sale is a new low on Tom Clancy’s The Division – seeing its first price break under $40. Since its March 7th debut, the MMO has rarely come below $50, but is now 36% off falling to $38.29. Other notable discounts include 43% off the February released Street Fighter V and 42% off the Grand Theft Auto V. Finally, Warhammer Vermintide at only $13 is also a great pick. you might say this GMG sale is not a bad way to pick up recent co-op titles on the cheap.

GMG is a little tricky on displaying discounts. For everyone they will display a public discount, but in order to see the best discount you’ll need to be logged into an account (or just create one). Logging in or creating a new account will display member prices, which we’re listing below for some of their best deals today:


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Division Player Solos Incursion in Under 30 Minutes

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A Reddit user by the name of Gemini-Iceland manages to complete the Falcon Lost Incursion in The Division on the hard difficulty setting by himself in under 30 minutes.

Completing the Falcon Lost Incursion on hard in Tom Clancy’s The Division with an organized group of players is one thing, but conquering it solo is something else entirely. At least one player has managed to achieve such an accomplishment, however, and even has the video evidence to back it up.

Reddit user Gemini-Iceland has beaten the Falcon Lost Incursion in The Division on the hard difficulty setting solo. His gear score was 199, and his weapons were equipped with critical hit magazines, as opposed to rate of fire mags that many others would think to use.

Now, beating the Falcon Lost Incursion solo is difficult enough, but Gemini-Iceland managed to beat the Falcon Lost Incursion solo on hard mode, which should impress anyone familiar with Falcon Lost and The Division. For Division players, Gemini-Iceland’s solo run may even seem too crazy to believe, so feel free to watch him dominate the Falcon Lost Incursion right here:


What makes Gemini-Iceland’s solo run in the Falcon Lost Incursion even more impressive is that it doesn’t seem like Gemini relied on any exploits, such as the Falcon Lost boss glitch. It’s probably a good thing that Gemini-Iceland avoided using that exploit, as it makes the solo run much more impressive, and it also means that Gemini-Iceland can avoid punishment from Ubisoft – assuming that he didn’t utilize the exploit in previous runs of Falcon Lost.

Indeed, it appears as though Gemini-Iceland’s solo run of the Falcon Lost Incursion in The Division is completely legitimate. If Gemini-Iceland is relying on exploits or is hacking The Division (as is common in the PC version of the game), he is able to hide it well enough that it’s not noticeable. However, if Gemini-Iceland did utilize any exploits (and again, it doesn’t appear as though he did), it would be hard to fault him for doing so, as apparently the number of enemies aren’t scaled based on how many players are going through the Incursion.

In the meantime, those hoping to replicate Gemini-Iceland’s solo success can study the video, as well as refer to our Division Falcon Lost guide for additional tips and tricks. It will take a lot of skill to repeat Gemini-Iceland’s feat, but doing it with an even lower gear score could earn one serious bragging rights within The Division community. Just be sure to record the mayhem.

Has Gemini-Iceland’s accomplishment inspired you to solo Falcon Lost on hard? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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The Division Falcon Lost Exploit Hotfixed [UPDATE]

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Ubisoft is applying a hotfix for an ongoing exploit in the Falcon Lost Incursion, taking down The Division‘s servers for an estimated 30-45 minutes starting at 1:45PM PDT.

Update: This article initially claimed that there would be no known repercussions for The Divisionplayers that exploited this glitch. Ubisoft has issued a statement on its official forums, clarifying that “[w]e are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited.” The article has been updated to reflect this announcement.

You’ve done it now, The Division exploiters! You’ve forced Ubisoft’s hand. At 1:45 PDT Ubisoft began deploying a server-side hotfix, correcting a current exploit within the recently released Incursion, Falcon Lost. Yes, The Division players have been intentionally glitching the Incursion in order to more easily acquire the challenging content’s glorious loot. It’s hard to believe, most definitely, but it’s true. The set gear is just too enticing.

The Falcon Lost exploit is the reason for rushing a hotfix rather than waiting for a patch, but Ubisoft will also be correcting some other issues at the same time. Here are the patch notes for the 1:45 PDT hotfix:

  • Falcon Lost
    • Fixed an exploit where players could attack the APC without triggering new waves of NPC
    • Fixed a bug where the Weekly Reward for Falcon Lost was not granted correctly
  • Missing Characters
    • Fixed a bug on Xbox One where players could no longer see their characters. Please note that in order to fix this issue, we restored the account data of the affected players to that of April 12, 12pm CEST | 6am EDT | 3am PDT

Any Division players who have knowingly triggered this exploit, how dare you! Fortunately, Ubisoft has announced that it is seeking a means of punishing players for utilizing this exploit. Regardless of what else has happened in similar titles, such as both DestinyThe Division, or even Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s still unknown what will happen to those that followed through on the malicious glitch. That said,  Server downtime was estimated to be between 30-45 minutes.


It’s great to see Ubisoft on top of exploits like the APC glitch in Falcon Lost. While these types of small things often seem very exciting to players as they happen, they’re overall very damaging to the game itself as well as the community. Falcon Lost is a piece of end-game content meant to hold until May’s content drop in The Division. It’s meant to challenge players, to give them interesting content, and all the exploitation does is take that away. Many players may not realize that, however, only recognizing the reward as the sole objective of content.

Luckily, the Falcon Lost Incursion is only meant to be the end-game content focus for this one month. Ubisoft will be able to learn from the experience and put that into their May content and future Incursions. In the meantime, there will be a lot of more moderate players in the Dark Zone getting torn apart by the newly geared exploiters. Stay strong, Agents.

The Division‘s Falcon Lost hotfix went live at 1:45 PDT across all platforms. Server downtime was estimated to be around 30-45 minutes long.


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New Division Loot Cave Found in Russian Consulate Mission

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YouTuber MacroStyle shows how to farm a newly discovered loot exploit found within the Russian Consulate story mission within Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Loot farming has been all the rage lately in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Players within the popular open world shooter has seen a number of loot cave instances appear in the past couple weeks alone, with Ubisoft working diligently to close them off as quick as they can. Unfortunately for them, it appears that The Division may be destined to always have some sort of way to exploit the loot system as another loot farm has been found within the game.

The latest mission to feature an easy way to grind for loot is in the Russian Consulate mission which occurs near the end of the main story line. Like the very first loot cave exploit, high level players will need to kill the end boss, die and then respawn. In order to fully reap the benefits to this mission though, players will need to follow the advice given in the video as there are a number of unnatural steps that need to occur in order to trick the game.


Essentially, with one player still inside of the mission building, the other three leave and run around towards the back gate where the final enemies will spawn. Using a glitch that allows mobile cover to be placed through a gate, these players can then stick to cover, and walk through the locked gate into the final mission area. Once in position, the one remaining player runs through to the checkpoint which triggers the final wave, and should then meet up with the other three. After the boss is killed, one player will need to die next to the gate, causing the game to believe the mission wasn’t completed, allowing the group to essentially play this end section over and over.

After Ubisoft shut down the first loot exploit found with The Bullet King in Times Square, players have been seemingly discovering more and more on a weekly basis. Just a few days ago, fans of the game revealed an easy strategy involving the elite boss Hutch found at the end of the Madison Field Hospital mission towards the beginning of the game. By killing this boss character before he can jump down off the roof, a shadow version of the character will appear who can be easily killed and will drop all high powered loot.

At this time Ubisoft has yet to patch any of these newer exploits but with the speed that they’ve been providing fixes, it stands to reason that players should expect these zones to be updated sooner rather than later.

Have you found any other good farming locations within the game? Are you planning on trying out any of the exploits mentioned above? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Division Player Finds DLC Dark Zone Area?

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A Reddit user by the name of CodeDux travels beyond the Dark Zone’s playable area in The Division, discovering what could be space reserved for future Dark Zone DLC.

Tom Clancy’s The Division players are busy prepping for the game’s big April update, which is looking to add its first raid, along with additional content. The update may also be extending the playable space in the Dark Zone, as one Reddit user has found a land of empty streets and abandoned cars beyond the Dark Zone’s current playable area.

Reddit user CodeDux has managed to explore these areas, in a manner not unlike how players accessed the secret Central Park area in the game. In the Dark Zone area CodeDux managed to reach, designated DZ08, there’s mostly just empty streets and abandoned cars, as previously mentioned. However, CodeDux also managed to find some more interesting bits in this new Dark Zone area that hint that it may possibly be fleshed out as future DLC for The Division.

Besides the empty streets and abandoned cars, DZ08 is also home to an eastern checkpoint that is outfitted with fortifications. It wouldn’t make much sense for Massive Entertainment to go through the trouble of creating a fortified checkpoint in DZ08 if players are never meant to explore it, so perhaps this checkpoint is evidence in favor of the theory that DZ08 will be added to the game in April’s update.

The Division: Raid Details Coming Early Next Week - Division firefight

CodeDux found further evidence in favor of this theory while exploring DZ08 in the form of “clue placeholders.” These bright blue icons appear to be spots where The Division‘s collectibles will be placed at some point down the road. Again, it seems as though if Massive went through the trouble of adding these to DZ08 that the area will serve a more significant purpose in the future.

Some have theorized that DZ08 could open up as soon as The Division‘s first raid content update hits the game in the middle of April. This is because the first raid is set in Columbus Square, an area of Manhattan that is farther north than the current outlined playable area in The Division.

If DZ08 isn’t added to the game as part of April’s update, perhaps it will come later on. After all, The Division‘s season pass will include three separate expansions, and considering The Division‘s massive popularity, it will probably have another wave of expansions after the season pass obligations are fulfilled. The Dark Zone has proven to be a particularly popular area in The Division, so it would make sense for it to be expanded in future free content updates or paid expansion releases for the game.

Regardless of if DZ08 is ever added to The Division in an official capacity, it seems reasonable to assume that the Dark Zone will be getting bigger one way or another. The Division‘s popularity is too much to ignore, and one way that Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will be able to hold on to its large player base is by expanding on the content that the community has responded well to, which would include the Dark Zone.


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The Division Game Director Has Left Ubisoft

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Ubisoft Massive’s Ryan Barnard, the game director who worked on The Division, has left the studio after accepting an offer for a position at IO Interactive.

The announcement came from a post made on IO Interactive’s company website, and comes hot on the heels of The Division‘s massive critical and financial successes. While the deal with Barnard was likely reached prior to the release of Ubisoft’s MMORPG/shooter hybrid, the news that The Division set a new IP sales record in its first week is sure to make IO Interactive confident about its decision to acquire Barnard. A spokesperson for IO Interactive stated:

“Ryan will focus on expanding on the near-endless possibilities of gameplay that a game like Hitman possesses…this means heading up future efforts of three of our very core teams – gameplay, online and world.”

If Barnard can bring the same kind of depth of gameplay and character design that The Division features to the Hitman series, fans of Agent 47 are in for a true renaissance era for everyone’s favorite bald and barcoded assassin. Although leaving a project as wildly successful as The Division is never an easy choice, the fact that the newest Hitman game has been praised as one of the best in the franchise’s history means the transition shouldn’t be too difficult for Barnard.

While the move seems to make sense for both parties, however, it remains unclear just what being a Gameplay Director actually entails. Barnard’s experience with titles like EverQuest 2 and Warhammer Online might help bring a steady hand to IO Interactive’s recent decision to make Hitman episodic, however, whatever his official role might be.

For those fans who might be worried that The Division‘s strong start at release might be hampered by the departure of Ubisoft Massive’s game director, it’s important to keep in mind that The Division is a game that was made with the help of a lot of different studios. While it would be foolish to understate how much a game director brings to each of their individual projects, there are plenty of practiced hands available within the ranks at Ubisoft to ensure that The Division remains one of the best shooters available today.

the division agent gameplay

One studio’s loss is another’s gain, however, and fans of the Hitman series should be excited that an industry talent so fresh off the success of a huge release is now turning his attention to their game. It remains to be seen exactly what Barnard will be doing with Hitman, but if his past endeavors are any indication, it’s reasonable to expect it will be something exciting.

What do you think about the news that someone so heavily involved with The Division has left the game’s team? Are you excited about what this move could mean for IO Interactive and the Hitman series? Let us know in the comments below.


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Division Players are Trying to Decode Possible Secret Message

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After the recent uncovering of numerous Easter eggs in Tom Clancy’s The Division, Reddit user chowdapowa is in the process of decoding a possible secret message.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has barely been out for two weeks, but players everywhere have been combing through the game for every hidden secret there is. From Breaking Bad Easter eggs to a completely unexpected glitch that leads to a secret Central Park area, one must wonder how many undiscovered secrets are left in The Division. If Reddit user chowdapower9‘s discovery of a potential hidden secret is anything to go by, it looks like players will be preoccupied for a while.

Taking place during the Broadway Emporium mission, chowdapower noticed that something was up with the number of buttons that were sprinkled throughout the map. But after switching on all the buttons, nothing came of it other than a number of flashing colored lights being turned on at the level’s ground floor. While it seems like an underwhelming reward for all that effort, chowdapower remains convinced that there may be something more to the secret, given that the lights change color at consistent time intervals.

For those wanting to see this secret, and to decide for themselves if those lights hold a secret message or something else, check it out right here.

This may be the first example so far of a bigger inscrutable mystery in The Division that goes beyond simple pop-culture references, such as this one of Tim Burton’s Batman and The Dark Knight. Whether those flashing lights lead to anything remains up in the air, but hopefully the end result of this Easter egg won’t take years to find.

While Easter eggs are making the headlines, they are just a small part of what makes The Division a great game. With an enormous open world, and an addictive “looter shooter” gameplay that’s customizable based on each gamer’s playstyle, it’s of little surprise that The Division is the best-selling new IP to-date.

Given that The Division is just as much about loot as it is about Easter eggs, the recent discovery of a new “loot cave” is something players could also look into. As for those Division fans who just aren’t interested in Easter egg hunting, they can take all their loot cave findings and go hunting for bosses in the Dark Zone.

Of course, there’s always the option of giving chowdapowa9 an extra hand or two in unlocking their possible flashing lights secret, especially those who need a respite from their goal of a 99 rank in the Dark Zone.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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The Division: ‘Loot Cave’ Found for Farming Phoenix Credits & Gear

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While gamers are less likely to compare The Division with Destiny now that they’ve had time with both games, it’s hard to overlook the similarities between the two. In fact, when it comes to looter shooters, there are certain analogues that gamers try to make between titles like Destiny and The Division, if only because Bungie’s game was many players’ first experience with an online RPG loot-focused shooter.

As far as those similarities are concerned, some Division players have just found the mother load: a new loot cave. Yes, The Division might not have any caves to speak of, but the goal is still the same: farm enemies, collect endless loot, and repeat.

Truth be told, there are actual several loot caves scattered throughout the landscape of New York City post-outbreak, but the most efficient grinding spot is in the Northwest part of the map, right next to the Autumn’s Hope safe house. What players will want to do is spawn into the safe house, which can be found in the top left of the map, somewhat close to the Dark Zone. From there they will head outside, make a left at the first street, and head forward. Somewhere at the end of that street should be a mob of enemies, with one named boss in the group.

That boss is key to the farming, and should be the only target on player’s mind. It’s important not to kill the entire mob because then the process can’t be repeated.

As with any named boss, killing this guy will net players two Superior items and anywhere between 1-4 Phoenix Credits. Then, simply let the remaining enemies take you out, or do the work yourself with a grenade or sticky bomb. Upon respawn you should be back in the safe house and the enemies (including the boss) should respawn as well.

For a video version of the loop, see below:

Now, before Division players head straight to Autumn’s Hope, we should point out a few things. If the boss is not appearing for you, it could be because of a few reasons, some of which can be fixed.

If you’re not level 30 then there’s no point in looking for the boss, so wait until you hit that point. You will want the boss to drop level 30+ gear anyway, so there’s no point in farming him until the game.

Secondly, if at any point you happened across this boss and killed both him and his goons, he will not respawn. The only way to gain access to him after that is to join a friend’s world instance where he is not dead or matchmake with a teammate who has yet to kill the boss. Once in a world state where the boss is not dead, you can have the group leader kick you from the group and still have access to the boss as long as you don’t log out. However, the boss will not respawn in your world at all, so make sure the group leader kicks you instead of leaving the group.

Also, if you feel confident that you did not kill the boss then it’s possible to trigger his spawn by completing all of the mission’s near the Autumn’s Hope safe house. Some report that the boss and his mob will appear once the area is clear.

Division Phoenix Credit Nerf

Although the Autumn’s Hope farming spot is not the only one on the map, it is by far the most efficient. The distance between the respawn point and the boss keeps travel time to a minimum and the enemies are in that middle ground where they are strong enough to take out the player but not before the boss falls first. However, if you are having trouble, it may be because there are other players in your group, which increases enemy health and damage.

Those who are curious to check out the farming spot are recommended to do so sooner rather than later. There has been no official word from Ubisoft on the “loot cave” but the community managers who stream on Twitch acknowledged the farming spot and said they will “address” it soon, perhaps in next week’s update. Happy looting!

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Opinion: Trolling in The Division is Actually a Good Thing

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While The Division‘s launch might not be the smoothest in gaming history, one writer believes the recent drama concerning player griefing in-game is missing the point.

I was thirteen when I started playing Halo 2 online. I had to convince my parents that an online subscription fee just to play games I already owned anyways was worth it, an endeavor I had imagined would carry me to age fifteen before I actually managed any progress. Somehow, the argument only lasted a few weeks, and an excellent report card later, I had a network cable hooked into the back of my Xbox and an Xbox Live subscription in my dad’s name. I was ready to dive in to the world of online, competitive Halo 2.

It took approximately twenty minutes before I’d shut the game off and removed my headset. While I would play Halo 2 online with friends and at LANs, I’d never play the multiplayer online on my own with a headset on again. I don’t know what the many early teens playing what I consider to be Bungie’s magnum opus were going through in high school, but if my conversations with them in that twenty minutes were any indication, they were very angry about it.

Player griefing isn’t a concept unique to shooters within the gaming industry, and it can take a number of different forms. In MMOs like World of Warcraft, for instance, gamers adventuring on a PvP server are liable to run into high-level trolls (the personality, not the race) who will kill them incessantly. Some will even patiently wait for the player to run back to their corpse and resurrect themselves, only to find that the ganker had merely moved out of their line of sight to kill them again. In shooters, however, griefing often gets a lot more personal. Playing online often puts players into groups of strangers armed with both internet anonymity and a microphone, and the results are about as pleasant as one would typically expect.

In my first hours with The Division, however, I’ve run into the same kind of griefing many others have reported on. Ubisoft has included player collision detection within its new game, and while it has certainly made The Division a bit more realistic, it has also led to the kind of problems that veterans of MMOs could have told the developers about when they first conceived of the idea. When a game is expected to have thousands of people playing it online at any given time, giving players the ability to physically impose a roadblock on others is likely going to cause some issues, whether they are doing it intentionally or not. Case in point – the frequent Agents acting like bouncers around entrances to the Dark Zone or safe houses, impeding player progress while doing jumping jacks.

the division troll blocking doorway player collision

Like many gamers, I was irritated by the fact that people were logging into The Division with the express purpose to make others’ experiences with the game slightly more inconvenient. While exiting the Dark Zone after a successful loot run wherein I formed a ragtag trio of Agents working together to kill PKers, however, the thought dawned on me – it was quiet. While the local voice-chat had allowed me to direct my new allies toward the occasional enemy, there was not an incessant string of gibberish coming from those around me. Even better, had that been the case, The Division offers players in the Dark Zone the chance to go rogue and kill their teammates at any point. I am, sadly, not above using an online replication of a shotgun to halt the curse-laden ramblings of a fourteen year-old should I be forced to listen to them.

Essentially, The Division as a shooter seems to offer a caveat to the usual online experience in the genre. Ubisoft has made it much less likely to run into the quintessential FPS troll at the small cost of a three-to-ten second inconvenience around doorways and mission hubs. It might not be a perfect system, but that’s a trade I’m willing to make whenever the offer is made.

Of course, running into people and intentionally trying to make another player’s time with the game difficult or irritating is never fun, but the freedom to do so is essential as games evolve into more MMO/insert-other-genre-here hybrids by basing more of their content online. Developers are constantly looking toward what will keep a playerbase ensnared within a single product for as long as possible, and, at least for pure MMOs like Black Desert Online, the answer has been to let players do as much as they possibly can, and that includes being mean to others. MMOs have had griefers for as long as they’ve had PvP and player hubs, but the genre hasn’t suffered any from the existence of these gamers.

That’s because certain levels of player griefing are objectively more acceptable than others. While griefing over an internet connection and voice chat can lead to genuinely scarring or hurtful occurrences, PKing can simply lead to a frustrated player logging out and taking some time off, while blocking entrances and exits is even more harmless than the norms established in both shooters and MMOs. Players are likely much happier having their march to The Division‘s end-game temporarily halted by somebody doing their best impression of a pylon than someone harassing them over chat.

the division dark zone loot pick up

Am I arguing that the players who are engaging in the type of behavior that has slowed players’ level progression in The Division are people I want to have around while I’m gaming? Certainly not. However, the fact is these people exist and play the same games I do whether I like it or not. With that being the case, The Division‘s current outlet for player griefing seems a lot healthier than it does at first glance. While shooters that are based mostly online have long had a reputation for exclusionary behavior towards people of different backgrounds, The Division has made the most toxic channels for griefing less integrated in its gameplay. The end result is a group of players united against the mostly harmless evil of griefers standing in doorways and an online FPS/MMO hybrid that has taken steps toward combining the best elements of shooters and MMOs alike without continuing the worst of their traditions.

Is it perfectly reasonable to complain about the player collision issues currently in The Division? Absolutely. Will Ubisoft eventually patch this behavior out of the game? I’d certainly bet on it. Before it goes, however, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment should consider the fact they might have inadvertently created one of the most inclusive, harmless methods of griefing in a hybrid MMO game to date – and if both parties agree to remove it, something more sinister and less goofy might turn up in its place.


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The Division Won’t Have Microtransactions, Says Ubisoft Dev

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Ubisoft Community Manager Natchai Stappers confirms over Twitter that Tom Clancy’s The Division will not feature any microtransactions or any ‘pay to win’ feature.

In recent years, microtransactions has become an increasingly common – and unpopular – feature in many video games, so much so that gamers have been dissuaded from buying games that carry this option. With only one week to go before The Division is released, Ubisoft has announced that their upcoming third-person shooter won’t feature microtransactions, something that is sure to be welcome news for all gamers.

After Ubisoft nixed the idea of adding a level skip microtransaction to the game, Ubisoft Community Manager Natchai Stappers has recently taken to Twitter to confirm that The Division will indeed not feature microtransactions or any “pay-to-win” feature.


What muddles this statement from Stappers is that just last month, Ubisoft announced DLC plans for The Division, revealing that vanity packs could be bought as DLC. There isn’t really a proper definition for microtransactions in video games – when is DLC not a microtransaction? – but at least Ubisoft is not deliberately strong-arming gamers into buying DLC by locking out parts of the game until it is paid for. At the moment, it appears that microtransactions are not required for The Division, and any purchasable extras are optional won’t affect gameplay – not that this will appease those gamers who lament any microtransactions in any game that’s not free-to-play.

This certainly isn’t the first time that microtransactions have grabbed the headlines for a popular game. When Bungie announced their controversial decision to add microtransactions to Destiny, it was met with considerable displeasure by gamers. Similarly, players weren’t too happy over Ubisoft’s decision to add optional microtransactions in Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate as a method of accelerated progression.

It appears that there is a bit of a fine line between microtransactions and DLC. Some gamers are fine with paying a little extra for games and add-ons, but many expect to get their money’s worth in extra content if they’re planning on dropping more money on top of a $60 game. While there will be outfit and weapon skins for sale in The Division, they’re only a small part of Ubisoft’s DLC plans, and it appears that the upcoming expansions will be quite extensive.

Having said that, Ubisoft has had a bit of a history of unsavory DLC practices, so it remains to be seen how all this will play out for The Division.


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